Mk 1 Project Zippy. Looking Like a Car.

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Re: Mk 1 Project Zippy. Looking Like a Car.

Postby Geoff Butcher » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:57 pm

You seem to have rather a tight curvature on that fuel pipe, unless it's an optical illusion...That could mean it'll soon start to crack in service, and it's in a place where inspection is awkward. No chance of having it under the bonnet? Having said that, I've done over 100k miles in each of mine and never had a fuel filter... :shock:
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Re: Mk 1 Project Zippy. Looking Like a Car.

Postby MrBounce » Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:20 pm

It is indeed an optical illusion Geoff - it's a lot less tight than it looks. However, I could always change it as I have plenty of hose left over.

Minor update: Fuel system is now pretty much DONE. The original fuel filler hose (which I'd kept for sizing purposes) was a nasty item - it was obviously the original from when the car was built. It was cracked, very hard and also extremely heavy - a sure sign of knackered rubber, and quite a heavy-duty fit-and-forget item.

A quick bash of the card on the Car Builder Solutions eBay account saw a 57mm ID length of filler hose appear on the doorstep today. 10 minutes and a minor trim later, it's on the car and I am a happy boy.

Old fuel hose - only fit for "File 13".


New fuel filler hose all fitted up and done.

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