Mk3 Gold Coupe - as seen in MOC newsletter

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Mk3 Gold Coupe - as seen in MOC newsletter

Postby ACourtney » Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:33 am ... SwqBJXUbrC

Club members will have already seen this car advertised in the last newsletter. Evidently, there was nobody in the club interested in taking it on, so here it is on ebay.

I came across this car around 12 years ago when I bought up the assets of Midas Cars (has it really been that long :roll: ) The previous company had been doing some work on the car, which included having the new interior put in by the trimmers at Redditch. The extra padding on the door cards seems to have been a bit of a signature for that trimmer as I have seen it on several other cars that they trimmed. To my mind the interior should have lasted a bit better over the last dozen years or so, but I remember thinking at the time that the colours would mark easily.

When Midas Cars Ltd went bust this car got stuck in limbo, but once I had paid the liquidator for the assets the owner was able to get it back. I think that she sold it pretty soon after that.
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