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Re: Mk1 on Ebay

Postby miniswift » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:38 pm

I think I can say same to person who bought my rolling shell.
He replaced his front damage shell.

I will not comment any more for this eBay sale matter.
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Re: Mk1 on Ebay

Postby tog0035 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:09 pm

Hello .I was watching this sale . Is the person who bought this car now stuck with a car that cannot be used . If so this could be a blow for future vendors and buyers TOG
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Re: Mk1 on Ebay

Postby kelvink » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:39 pm

This appears to be getting a mess to say the least. One thing it does illustrate is why vehicles have VIN numbers and why there's procedures with the DVLA relating to registration numbers for vehicles. Follow procedures and everything is fine but once people start doing what they want and ignoring regulations all I can see is trouble. It may be possible to sort this out but it's certainly looking rather complicated.

I really don't get why a bunch of numbers and letters mean so much to people. The number plate thing can get so silly but then I'm someone who is perfectly happy with Q plates and have been rather proud of the cars I've had with them.

There's a reason why cars have registration numbers and also why they have VIN numbers and engine numbers too. This is looking like a rather good example of why that's how it is and why the DVLA keeps records of them.
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Re: Mk1 on Ebay

Postby ACourtney » Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:24 am

tog0035 wrote:Hello .I was watching this sale . Is the person who bought this car now stuck with a car that cannot be used . If so this could be a blow for future vendors and buyers TOG

The car was sold without a V5C so the buyer will need to talk to the DVLA. This may mean that it will need to go through an IVA test, which could be an "interesting experience".
There is no fundamental reason why a MK1 should not pass an IVA test, but it will need to be prepared carefully though with some thought given to sharp edges inside and out. The issue with the quarterlight frame is well known, but easily fixed with some self adhesive rubber. The dashboard on the car that was sold is non standard, but the usual issue is with the bottom edge of the dash being too sharp and I suspect the corners of the heater unit might create some issues too, so more foam rubber will need to be applied.

My usual advice to buyers is to check the V5C before you buy. The first thing to look for is if the car registered as a Midas, i.e. in section D1. Make it should read MIDAS.

Then check the chassis number to make sure that the number on the chassis plate matches the number given on the V5C. A Mk1, or Mk2 should have a number starting DO1..... or DO2..... If it starts SAX.... then the V5C has not been updated from the donor Mini.

If those details are not correct then all is not lost if the V5C has the note REBUILT - ASSEMBLED FROM PARTS SOME OR ALL OF WHICH WERE NOT NEW. If this note is present then the V5C clearly relates to a kit car and the DVLA might be persuaded to change the Make to read MIDAS if you can produce sufficient evidence that the car was REBUILT as a Midas. The club might be able to help here as it has membership lists dating to the late 80s and early 90s giving names of members, the registration number and chassis number of their cars. These lists only cover around half the cars built, but if your car is on one of them then it is seen as solid evidence: The car existed as a Midas and the details were published in the club magazine.

I don't want to comment on what has passed between Atchi and the seller of the ebay Mk1. That should really not appear on the forum.

I think what Atchi is doing with his car - making it RWD with a Suzuki Swift engine - is very interesting and I'm sure that a lot of forum members think so too.

However, from the DVLA's and VOSA's viewpoint, Atchi is modifying a shell and putting in a totally different engine and drivetrain. I can't see that they will let him register that car without having to put it through an IVA test.
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