Mk 2 Newbie - Tim from Yorkshire

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Mk 2 Newbie - Tim from Yorkshire

Postby Kadmandu » Fri May 31, 2019 8:17 pm

Hi all, i just thought id introduce Tim

I used to be a mini nut until about 12 years ago when a slight detour with a VW campervan (man that was alot of welding) and a Triumph Herald resto for daily drive (interesting cornering) which culminated in succumbing to temptation to take company car etc had me driving around in a executive bore-mobile.....which ironically has been more unreliable than any car ive had!.

Oddly enough i kept my very first car at 17 (now 43) .... an 85 mini mayfair which while complete has a somewhat "relaxed" bodyshell which despite my eternal optimism even i cant face lol.

Having decided that turbo powered deisel bore machines just wasnt me ive been looking at a classic car as a daily driver with the old mini at the back of my mind (searching for overpriced knackered shells on ebay) i stumbled upon a post for a Mk 2 Midas......and as i say to my partner, i accidentally bought it lol.

I pick up the mk 2 in a week and from what i can see it looks like shes had lots of good work done in the past 10 years and is registered with DVLA (which helps) but has sat languishing wthout an engine with poorly applied paint over the blue gelcoat in scotland for 5 years so shes a strip and rebuild favourite!

This will mean that i can keep the legacy alive of my first car by using the overbored and modified engine in the Midas......

Ironically i nearly bought a Midas some 20 years ago at Newark Autojumble..... my father stopped me (but i always admired the mini LOTUSesque of the bodywork).

I have to say im so incredibly excited to get my mitts on something entirely different but with all the running gear i know and have the tools for.

Anyway, i will add to the the resto page when i lay my mitts on "auralia KO" as im sure i will need lots of advice but from what ive seen the boards are excellent and theres lots of club advice freely given.

So its an hello from not so sunny Yorkshire and if youre ever near Elland (just off the M62 to Huddersfield) just drop me a line and i'll pop the kettle on.

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Re: Mk 2 Newbie - Tim from Yorkshire

Postby Stuart » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:32 pm

Hi Tim, welcome to the forum and good luck with your new project.
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Re: Mk 2 Newbie - Tim from Yorkshire

Postby Kadmandu » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:01 pm

Thanks Stuart, I have her booked in for a respray (I suspect the gelcoat will be poor underneath) in 4 can drop all the mechanicals and rebuild them while it's at spray and cure. Many purchases from Huddersfield mini spares center will be required I'm sure lol.
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Re: Mk 2 Newbie - Tim from Yorkshire

Postby Val » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:46 pm

Welcome Tim:
I was wondering if your Mark 2 was TBU825X as that was my first midas and I have lost touch with where it went. There were only ever 6 blue mark 2s made. I know that the father of the girl to whom I sold the car lived in Inchture but cannot remember her name!

Every best wish for the rebuild and if it is TBU I shall really look forward to seeing it one day. Val
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