Returning many times nearly Midas owner.

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Returning many times nearly Midas owner.

Postby Gustywinds » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:18 pm

Hello all,
My name’s Dave and I’ve so nearly been a Midas owner in the past and, having just retired (a bit early) I’m looking again at buying one as a retirement tinkering project.
I originally heard of Midas way back in the early ‘80s when a guy called John Sorrie who worked for one of the suppliers to the company I worked had one (Orange Mk1 JLY 862V now owned by user Mi Das 1 on here). I was takenn for a spin in it but struggled for headroom and knee space to actually drive it. John said he’d heard that they did a dropped floor option and contacting the factory confirmed this so I started putting together a plan but then ...
I got married, bought a house and stopped working offshore.
Once things had stabilised it the late ‘80s I started thinking again and visited the factory to look at the Mk3 coupe and was again in a position to go ahead but then...
They announced the Gold Convertible and I like the look of it so decided to wait until I could pay another visit to try it.
My daughter was born and things didn’t quite go to plan (she has severe developmental delay) and this took up so much of my time and money.
I idly looked several times in the late ‘90s /early 2000s and visited a Kit Car show in Harrogate at the time GTM owned the rights but they were much keener to sell the 2+2 which I thought was horribly ugly.
Just over a year ago I missed out on a £1000 green convertible in Yorkshire due to a mixup with a friend who was supposed to inspect it for me.
So, now I am retired I am looking again but of course the cars are pretty old so I’m looking at a rebuild. I seriously thought about the Mk 2 that Tim, who has also just joined, bought but, having seen the amount of body work he is doing I’m quite glad I didn’t.
I met Alastair and Val at the recent Bristol Show and loved Val’s red convertible so that’s where I’m thinking now. I’ve looked at one (Magnolia C994 HFL on sale at the TittyHo Motor co but had been passed along through the trade from somewhere else) . It seemed OK in many respects but had a lot of evidence of very messy finishing and absolutely no history.
So I’m still looking...
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