Returning after 10 years

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Returning after 10 years

Postby JOE » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:22 pm

Well my 2+2 Coupe is on the way back to the road after 10 years of not too healthy outdoor dead storage, came into the workshop 3 weeks ago, non runner due to all the fuses inside the car having succumbed to damp over the years. Dash out, fuse box out, all new fuses ( 1 x new relay and new flasher relay too), all now back to life and running sweet. Brakes had been done not long before laying up, so a few hours today stripping and putting back. Grease points all done.

Door hinges were all seized so the doors have been off, freed up, stripped oiled, greased etc and refitted. The doors are still a rotten fit and always were, particularly the drivers side. Some of the leathercloth trim has become detached, door cards mostly restored now, dash and centre vent panel to be done this week, as is the rebuilding of the custom air filter that my chosen engine needs

The car was built by my (much younger) self from an 18k 1992 GTA 16V SPi across the winter of 1996 and spring of 1997, after delivery from Sutton Bonnington in autumn 1996 hitting the road in July 1997. She looks a bit shabby now, having never been painted, still in the original Oxford Blue Gel (same as the demonstrator J171 NJO) but has survived a few of life's tragedies and trials along with her builder/owner. She was built in a manner that eases being taken to bits again, and 23 years later, I'm so glad I took the time. I built my car with a narrowed back seat and it is registered as a 5 seater, the kids did ride in the back, but they are not kids now...

I'm taking the opportunity to improve on the dreadful ventilation situation that always troubled this car whilst I have the time. There are a couple of issues I have to settle before MOT, and a new 185/55/R13 to be obtained and fitted. 4 of the 5 are fine, one is not, it may have to go to test on some later skinny wheels borrowed from my R100. The car runs on steel wheels and always has, with the original GTA plastic trims. I've never liked alloy wheels. One of the side windows is loose too so needs re-bonding. Front and rear screen are good though, they were re-done about 2001. I have a spare screen from when Charlie Dodd organised some about 2005 (?)

The car is VIN 3011011 and is registered with the original donor reg, K504 PFV, although from about 1998 until 2014 was registered A3 JWS ( for unusual technical reasons I was able to retain the plate although the car had not had MOT for several years- sometimes the DVLA are just good to you). I did attend a few meets at Sutton Bonnington in the early days, but last made it to a show in 2007 I think.

Hopefully I will make it down next Sunday and see a couple more, although mine will have to stay at home this year...

In case it is of any help, I do have the proper Hydraulastic suspension pump, as I have a small collection of Metro's and an MGF, and do a few MGF's now and again for people, so if you are near enough to me and need assistance, just ask. My car is riding very high at the moment, because in the past it got trapped on the brake tester at MOT, so I took to lifting it before the test.

Seen a few comments here about this model being ugly. Looks fine to me and always has :D
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Re: Returning after 10 years

Postby benofbrum » Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:38 am

Good to hear of another one heading back into use. Well done
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Re: Returning after 10 years

Postby Hans Efde » Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:52 am

Welcome to the forum. Great stuff, those 2+2 are practical cars but very rare. GTM built only 20 or so. Good to get her on the road again.
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