Don't slag off your car when at meets

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Don't slag off your car when at meets

Postby Mtrike » Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:07 pm

At Enstone having explained my fuse box problems about the relays shaking loose, as soon as I turned out of the estate the right hand indicators failed. Half an hour of jiggling and poking checking fuses and bulb connections at Banbury Halfords wouldn't cure it. Drove home using hand signals that all other drivers have forgotten the meaning of. Dismantling the relay at home, WD40 ing the works and using forceps to close up the connectors on the fuse board has effected a cure for now. I really must relocate the fuse board this winter so it isn't upside down. Oh and keep my mouth shut too.
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Re: Don't slag off your car when at meets

Postby benofbrum » Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:49 pm

I had my indicators fail 3 years ago in the Excelsior in very heavy rain en route to Reims while returning from the French Alps. Since using indicators seems to be a minority activity in France anyway I did not bother trying to sort it till next morning.
Fuses were checked, relays removed and replaced to no avail. As a last measure I switched on the hazards. After a short delay, first the nearside indicators started working then the offside. They have worked perfectly ever since.
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