Windscreen rubbers for Midas Coupes

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Windscreen rubbers for Midas Coupes

Postby ACourtney » Thu May 03, 2018 9:01 pm

The original Reliant windscreen rubber section used in the Mk1, 2 and 3 Coupes has become like rocking horse sh*t - it is difficult to find and if you do find some it is most likely too short as it has been cut to length for a Reliant screen. Furthermore, it is old stock and is liable to split when you try to bend it around the corners. The original supplier to Reliant had disappeared almost two decades ago, so new stock has not been available since then.

To fulfill the needs of Midas owners, I decided I should get a new extrusion tool made and get some new windscreen rubbers manufactured. Some of you will already know all about this because you contacted me last year (or earlier) and I put your names down on a buyers list. I have already been in contact with the members of that list and the first batch of 15 rubbers are ready to go out.

However, thanks to the minimum order quantity required by the rubber extruders I have plenty of the new windscreen rubbers available. I will be bringing some of them along to Stoneleigh this weekend and will be offering them to Midas owners at £30.50 (that is £10/metre). When the second batch of 15 windscreen seals, have been sold then the price will go up to £36.60 (£12/m) - that is still less than Reliant parts are selling their old Robin/Rialto screen rubbers for. I also have a stock of the rubber filler strip that locks the screen rubber in place which sells at £1/m

If you want a screen rubber, but won't be going to Stoneleigh, then please contact me by PM, or emailing I don't imagine that I will sell all of the second batch this weekend, so the preferential price will be available on a first come first served basis until the 15 have been sold

The newly extruded rubber is shown to the left in the photo below. It is an almost exact replica of the original seal (to the right), but as it is new it is still nice and supple. I trial fitted it to a laminated windscreen (they are about 0.5mm thicker than the toughened screen) and it went on quite easily. It fitted around the corners nicely, with the outer lip stretching when required.

ImageDSCF7552 by Alistair Courtney, on Flickr
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