How times have changed.

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How times have changed.

Postby fozzza » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:34 pm

Totally unrelated to motor vehicles but this shows how times have changed. A little while ago the step daughter flew the nest to make a new home with her intended. So the wife and I ( the boss and I ) ;) decided it would be the perfect opportunity to have a mass de-clutter of the house, so I ordered a 8 yard skip. It used to be the rule of thumb to fill it as quickly as possible before everyone else did, how wrong was I. Everyday we would have a sort through after work and put a bit more in the skip and every day folks would rummage through and liberate a few more items, but it was all complete rubbish, even an old toilet seat went missing! :o , I can now safely say I had a 10 yard skip for the price of an 8 :D.

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