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Re: please help, suspension advice needed

PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:57 am
by Jin
that looks to be a fantastic conversion what’s happened to the red car now?

back to my issues (well some of them)
following the advice on here i decided to access the shock nut from the front (it appears to be closed in from the rear) so out comes the headlight, but no, headlight wont come out, so out came the rad, but no, still no joy, so then (and I’m rapidly losing my sense of humour now) i took the bonnet off?!
Headlight now out and ive been in the garage an hour longer than i wanted
so torch shone up the cavity and i can see the (horrid rusty looking nut) but cant quite touch it with my fingers, but i did manage to tickle it with a wire brush and squirt some WD40 at it, feeling this was akin to throwing a cup of water on the towering inferno especially when you consider how rusty my suspension is



i just reached in with a ratchet spanner and sure enough the nut and piston just spun round and round, for a laugh i grabbed the top piston cover with my hand and after a good grip the nut came loose much to my total complete and utter amazement, the same happened on the other side to, the gods have took pity on me.

the downside is i don’t actually have the shocks yet so it was all in vain but to test the water on how much of a ball ache the job will be, but i got a new pair off ebay delivered for £19 all in
talking of water, while i had the front in bits i saw what was left of the front subframe bolt heads after they have been sat in water for 10+ years, not good, stainless anyone?

also found a small pool in the front lower section each side behind the bumper


this clearly needs a drain hole, how big can i go without compromising strength?
10mm - 20mm?

again help much appreciated and will be repaid with Jaffa cakes and hugs