Membership renewal NEW SYSTEM ON THE WAY

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Membership renewal NEW SYSTEM ON THE WAY

Postby johno » Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:23 pm

We are getting ready to transfer the membership system to the Crossmember car club database system. This means the way you can pay will be simplified and you will be able to update your own information more easily. From the club's point of view keeping track of who has paid will be easier as will communicating with you.
Please have a look at the system. By going to the website you can log in to view it by using the details at the bottom of the home page.
You may be wondering how much it costs. It's 30p per 'live' member each year. If we want to upload others who have been recent members it's about 10p each, but as I have a spreadsheet with historical members I can't see the point of doing that.
As we move to the new system (after the Classic car show) I'll do some more informative emails.
Remember you can contact me at if you have any queries at the moment.
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