Alternative front panel

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Alternative front panel

Postby oldnut45 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:49 pm

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When I purchased my Mk1 I got with it the front nose panel as shown in the picture, but when I attempt to fit it I have difficulty getting it to " sit right" and wonder if I am going about it correctly? The front seems to fit ok but the return "wings" don't have a close fit to the wheel arches like I have seen on other cars, are they meant to fit without alteration or is it expected that they need some fettling. On my car they don't follow the same radius of the wheel arch and are approx. 15mm or so shy of the crease where the wheel arch protrudes from the body line, so would require some fibreglass adding. I have notice on other cars that the top edge of the panel on some cars has a rubber moulding to cover the gap between the panel and the body and on other cars the rubber moulding is omitted but the new nose panel appears to be part of the car, is this fiberglassed to the body? I assume the existing part of the body that is being hidden by the new nose section remains in place for rigidity but is it necessary to paint this part as it is not seen afterwards?

The other picture shows the front bulkhead and as you can see has had a few holes cut through it by previous owners, when looking at other cars I have noticed that the only holes through the bulkhead are for heater pipes and a few small holes obviously for various cables. If that is right then I have a bit of fibreglassing to do to prevent a blast of air getting into the cabin.

Lastly, the bonnet I got with the car has been altered greatly to accommodate a large carburettor of some describtion and will need a lot of work to get it back to how it should be so if anyone has a MK1 bonnet for sale I would interested.

Any hints tips or observations would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Alternative front panel

Postby Stuart » Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:09 pm

Hi Graham, the Bronze style bumper was developed for the MK2 which is as you've found is slightly different to the MK1.
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