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Postby Jin » Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:45 pm

Anyone know anywhere that will do small jobs?
Bit of a project on the go and being able to form some A3 size plastic approximately 2mm thick is what I need to do next.
Preferably in the Midlands but anywhere considered.

Thanks in advance universal flexible wheel arch extensions
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Re: thermoforming

Postby Ian Wall » Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:54 pm

Hi, I know it's a while since you posted your question but for information on thermoforming here goes:
It depends on what material you are using, A3 size will probably fit in a domestic oven.
It is always better to shape the sheet to the finished size and polish the edges before you try forming it. It is easier to fit into the oven on a shelf the smaller the piece.
Forming can be done over a wood, hardboard, MDF, or similar former. If necessary a cloth can be draped over to pull the sheet into place. If you are forming a complex curve you will need a two piece mould with clearance for the thickness of the sheet. The sheet will have to be held until the temperature comes down to its rigid state.
As to the temperature needed to make the plastic pliable it depends on the material, there are details on Perspex to be found on the net and I imagine Polycarbonate and Styrene also.
Do not overheat or attempt to bend the sheet before it goes pliable. Heat Perspex to around 110 deg.C Polycarbonate to 150 deg.C.
I used to do a lot of this in CDT classes in school before the Elf and safety era.
Ian Wall
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