Q605 GDH Moth Busted Decathlon

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Re: Q605 GDH Moth Busted Decathlon

Postby ACourtney » Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:58 pm

Inim666 wrote:
alberto midas wrote:Re my Decathlon, it is D4 bought from Corby in May 1990 and according to Harold Dermott it was the last one.

Hi Alberto I have somewhere a letter from alistair stating that they only built 5 as I'm currently getting mine officially registered as a Midas I will find it out and post it up. Was it just the colour that was special to the decathlon model?

The club has records of five Decathlons having been registered. At least one non-decathlon Mk2 was made during the Decathlon production run so the Decathlon chassis numbers were not all in sequence.
I will try to look out the records when I am back home.

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Re: Q605 GDH Moth Busted Decathlon

Postby Inim666 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:42 pm

Just a massive thank you to the guys who turned up at Stanford hall today and made me feel so welcome in the Midas community. It was great to chat to you all and have a few cheeky photos with the club and finally put faces to the usernames on the forum my club membership form will be in the post on Monday for sure
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