Membership renewals (grumpy face) & Where are you?

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Membership renewals (grumpy face) & Where are you?

Postby johno » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:47 pm

A couple of things.
There are still some members who paid last year but have still to renew this year. I realise that some of you do like to leave it until Stoneleigh and pay then. A couple of things to note though. Paying cash is inconvenient for me as I cannot pay it into the bank at the local post office, it needs to be paid into a Lloyds bank nearest on 6mls away, plus car parking fee = understandably grumpy. Paying by bank transfer or cheque is as easy for you. Also the magazine editor likes a list of members to send to the printer in good time. We have a new magazine editor let's not mess him about at the last minute with membership updates. Not a member when the list goes off = no magazine. (grump over)

If you have paid but not yet had a membership card please be patient for a while longer, Colin has found it difficult to spend time on club matters due to other pressures.

After the piece in the last magazine about where we all are I've had several requests for contact details of members nearby who might be able to help with re-builds "can I come and look at your car" etc.
Very few members ticked the boxes about being contacted so if you are reading this and DO NOT want to be contacted by other members email me uk and let me know.

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