GAZ coilovers

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GAZ coilovers

Postby Tich731 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 8:32 pm

Since fitting replacement rear coilovers on my MKII a few years ago, I have endured ringing/clanging noises from the coil springs themselves - presumably when they touch the body of the shock absorber as they compress and rebound.

Whilst searching the web recently, I came across others who have different cars and have fitted coil spring insulators to solve this issue. On ebay there are a few different types and from those I chose some FIAT branded items (Ebay item no. 133015721828).

These are split rubber/plastic hose and slid easily onto a couple of coils despite the diameter of the insulators being slightly larger. I secured them with a couple of cable ties even though they have some adhesive inside the hose)

This has resulted in a now virtually quiet rear suspension. A good result for only £4.00 outlay.
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