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MOC Gallery – We need YOU!

As mentioned on The Midas Forum, the gallery has been changed somewhat, we now have a ‘Midas Family’ folder, and a ‘Members Cars’ section that I would like to flesh out!

This post is a request for photos of YOUR Midas.

For the Midas Family folder, I would like 3 photos of your car, showing the front, side and back. These don’t have to be square on, just to get a general overview of your car externally.
It is also preferable if you can provide the chassis number such that I can tag your photos with it.

For the Members Cars section, please send me as many photos as you please – I don’t need everything and anything, take a look at James’ and Hans’ as examples.
I can add a description to your folder, or to individual images if you wish, but I doubt we will have that many views via the gallery, and may make a request in the future for more information with regards to your car to populate a blog page or mini-article.

For all images the higher-res the better!

You can email all photos direct to my mail box:

Discuss this article.

Joint magazine, material required!

We are running short of material for the next and subsequent mags.    Please members – let us have something, visits made, rebuild hints, events attended, pictures of your cat or anything which you would like to see in print.     All contributions gratefully received – contact Roger, Michael or any committee member.  Thanks in advance.

New MOC website!

Welcome to the new and improved Midas Owners Club website!

Everything’s the same (or not) so take a look around.

Please let me know if you find anything broken or bugged by emailing me.