STONELEIGH 2022 – The National Kit Car Show

This year’s show returned to its traditional May Day Bank Holiday Weekend slot and started to show signs of recovery. Last year’s show was postponed until the end of August and only one show hall was available (the other being used as a Covid vaccination centre). The weather was a bit better last August, but the turnout of kit cars was massively down on pre-covid numbers. The turnout for the Midas Owners Club reflected the trend with 10 Midas cars of all models present, up from last year’s half dozen.

Okay so this is still a long way off the 20+ that the club would get a couple of decades ago, but it is a step in the right direction. And with 10 excellent examples in attendance the club’s officers decided that we should hold the traditional concours/awards to go along with the club’s barbecue and AGM.

“Most improved by owner” went to Simon Camm for his mid-engined 1.8VVC K-series Gold Coupe
“Best underbonnet” went to Roy Forrester for his very tidy Mk2 Decathlon
“Most original condition” went to Craig Williams for his Mk3 Gold Coupe
“Best in every other category” went to Brian Badcock’s Mk2 Coupe

The “Furthest traveled in a Midas” category was won by John Orson, but unfortunately he disappeared before we could get a photo of him with Tony. However, if John had stuck around (and we had some trophies) then it might have looked like this:

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