Classic and Restoration Show 2024

Once again the Midas Club have a stand at the Classic and Restoration Show at the NEC.

The dates are 22nd to 24th March and there is a discount code (both club members and friends can use this) The code is S24CC878, quote it when ordering tickets on line.

Help will be needed each day of the show and on the preceding Thursday to erect the stand and set out the displays. Please contact any of the committee members if you can help. If helping, members will get passes to enter the show.

Ticket information here

Club Memberships are now due for renewal.

Members who do not pay by standing order, please arrange payment £20.00 as soon as convenient.

If your details or car info needs updating please email the Membership Secretary

The 2023 Classic Car Show

Once again the Club has a display stand at the Classic Car show. The dates for this years show held in the main exhibition areas of the NEC are Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November.

Club members will have an email with details of how to access the discounted tickets.

What to expect.

On the Club stand should be three cars. A Mk3 Convertible; a car which won the on-line concourse event and has to be one of the best convertibles with various sensible upgrades. The second Midas is a Mk2 Coupe, recently assembled from a kit which had languished in a Scottish garage unbuilt, unmolested and filled with all the extra components needed still boxed or wrapped. The picture of the car with bits laid out ‘a la’ plastic kit is as iconic as the interior colour and trim.

See this at the show, it’s probably the most original and authentic Mk2.

Also on show the car which won the Club’s on line concourse competition during ‘lockdown’

The third car is a mystery guest as the theme of the show is ‘partnerships’ so will it be a GTM, Marcos, Pastiche or one of Richard Oakes many kit car designs such as the Nova, Blackjack or recent ADO Midget?

Whilst the Show’s content is predictable (cars, bits, chat shows etc.) the individual entries and variety of exhibits make it a worthwhile event. Do your bit for charity as well by supporting the Sporting Bears who provide rides in all sorts of classic and sports cars, even a Traction Engine has put in an appearance.

JBO 11/10/23

The National Kit Car Show Malvern 2023

The Midas Lineup

With a change of venue from Stoneleigh the club’s AGM was held at the National Kit Car Show at the Three Counties Show ground in Malvern. Set to the East of the Malvern Hills the venue is a series of flat display areas, covered hall, and large camping area. The venue suffered none of the restrictions on space which Stoneleigh (the previous venue) had due to the incursion of HS2. The new venue didn’t seem to attract the same number of cars or visitors, perhaps next year will improve as it’s reputation as a venue grows.

The AGM report has been in the club magazine, but for non-members the significant event of the afternoon was the transfer of the role of Club Secretary.

Roy Forrester taking over as Secretary from Tony Moss. Thanks must go to Tony Moss for all his work in the past, and his help organising the various shows we attend.

Retiring Club Secretary Tony Moss (left) hands a Judges award to the new Secretary Roy Forrester.

The Minikits stand paid tribute to the late Barry Stimson. A fine Rochdale Olympic and Gilbern Genie.

Easily accessible from the M5 the event is one which is a must for Kit Car enthusiasts. JBO 1/10/23

STONELEIGH 2022 – The National Kit Car Show

This year’s show returned to its traditional May Day Bank Holiday Weekend slot and started to show signs of recovery. Last year’s show was postponed until the end of August and only one show hall was available (the other being used as a Covid vaccination centre). The weather was a bit better last August, but the turnout of kit cars was massively down on pre-covid numbers. The turnout for the Midas Owners Club reflected the trend with 10 Midas cars of all models present, up from last year’s half dozen.

Okay so this is still a long way off the 20+ that the club would get a couple of decades ago, but it is a step in the right direction. And with 10 excellent examples in attendance the club’s officers decided that we should hold the traditional concours/awards to go along with the club’s barbecue and AGM.

“Most improved by owner” went to Simon Camm for his mid-engined 1.8VVC K-series Gold Coupe
“Best underbonnet” went to Roy Forrester for his very tidy Mk2 Decathlon
“Most original condition” went to Craig Williams for his Mk3 Gold Coupe
“Best in every other category” went to Brian Badcock’s Mk2 Coupe

The “Furthest traveled in a Midas” category was won by John Orson, but unfortunately he disappeared before we could get a photo of him with Tony. However, if John had stuck around (and we had some trophies) then it might have looked like this:

The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show

After a two year absence we were back at the NEC for the PCCCR show. This year we were without club secretary Tony Moss who couldn’t attend due to an operation. This didn’t put off the club members who laid the carpet and set up the stand on the Thursday before the show :

The club presented three excellent examples of the Midas marque on a thoroughly professional looking stand and were rewarded by three days of warm interest from the show-goers. As usual we spoke to many visitors who remembered the cars from the 1980s and one, or two, former Midas owners.

Next on the calendar is the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh, which returns to its usual May day bank holiday slot.

2021 A slow restart, but a restart nonetheless

Coming after the COVID-19 enforced washout of 2020 and early 2021, only a few event organisers were brave enough to put events in 2021.

Two that did were club favourites The Mini Action Day at Castle Combe and the National Kit Car show at Stoneleigh. Both events were smaller and quieter than in previous years, but both proved thoroughly enjoyable for the Midas Owners who ventured out.

Castle Combe restricted entry to car owners and direct guests, but that didn’t stop club members partaking in their favourite activities:

It was a wonder that they could put on a show at Stoneleigh in 2021. The main exhibition hall had been turned in to a COVID vaccination centre and half the parkland was being dug up for HS2. However, the Kit Car community pulled together for a show in August rather than the traditional May.

The Midas Owners Club shared a block with our friend in the Mini Marcos Owners Club:


The polls officially closed at midnight last night and the votes from both the Facebook group and the Midas Forum have been counted up.

Category 1. Best Exterior.

First Place with 11 votes on Facebook and 4 votes on the Forum is No 4. Red Mk3 Gold Convertible belonging to Richard Streets.

Second Place went to No8. Red Mk3 Gold Coupe belonging to John Orson with 12 votes on Facebook and 1 on the Forum.


Third Place went to No1. Red Mk2 Coupe belonging to Ralph Woodrow.

Category 2. Best Interior

First Place with 6 votes on Facebook and 1 vote on the Forum was N06. The unfinished White Mk2 Coupe belonging to Ian Hardy – perhaps indicating that the original design is best after all.

Second Place was a draw, both with 6 votes on Facebook, between No8, John Orson and No10, the Blue Cortez of Justin King

Category 3. Best Underbonnet

First Place with 15 votes on Facebook and 6 on the Forum went to No.4 Richard Streets’ Gold Convertible with an incredibly tidy and well presented engine bay.

Second Place with 6 votes on Facebook and 2 on the Forum went to No.7 the BRG Mk2 Decathlon of Roy Forrester.
Third Place with 4 votes on Facebook went to No 10. Justin King’s Blue Cortez.

The judged categories.

After examining the photos closely the judges have decided on the winners. There were no entries in the Most Used category, which was going to be judged on average monthly mileage.

4. Originality – closest to factory intent

First prize goes to Roger Dewsnap’s Black Mk1, now looking much like it did in 1984.

The judges thought that Chris Nicholls’ Black Mk3 Gold Coupe, Ian Hardy’s White Mk2 and Roy Forrester’s BRG Mk2 Decathlon all merited a mention too, for all were very close to original except for one or two minor details.

5. Innovation – best upgrades from original spec.

First prize could only go to Justin King’s Blue Mk4 Cortez with too many upgrades to list – it took CKC two features to write up all the work that Justin has done.

The judges also thought that the improved dashboard on Jon Evans‘ White Mk2 and the re-trimmed interior of Ralph Woodrow‘s Red Mk2, were both very neatly done and worthy upgrades.

6. Most Ambitious Rebuild

Perhaps, we should have set a tighter definition for this category as the judges couldn’t decide between a finished rebuild that was ambitious in respect of working to a tight time constraint and another that has only just started and is ambitious in the amount of work required.

In the end the judges decided to call it a draw between Tim Brack’s plan to totally rebuild his red Mk2

and Sam Dewsnap‘s refurbishment of his father’s Mk1 (see Originality above) , completed in just three months. The work on Roger’s car can be seen on You Tube –

Thank you to everybody who sent in photos of their cars and thank you to everyone who voted. We may not be able to use our cars much at the moment, but at least we can still discuss them.

Virtual Stoneleigh 2020 – CONCOURS D’EXTRAORDINAIRE

The first entries have arrived for the Concours event.

1. Red Mk2 Coupe

2. Black Mk3 Gold Coupe

3.White Mk2 Coupe

4. Red Mk3 Gold Convertible

5. White Mk2 Coupe

6. White – Unfinished- Mk2 Coupe

7. BRG Mk2 Bronze Decathlon

8. Red Mk3 Gold Coupe

9. Black Mk1 Coupe

10. Blue Mk4 Cortez

11. White Mk2 Coupe

This car is currently inaccessible due to lockdown restrictions so the owner could only submit some external photos from last year.

12. Red Mk2 Silver Coupe – Rebuild

The final entry is entered in the “Most ambitious rebuild” category only

The names of the owners will be withheld until after the voting so that the competition is decided purely upon the quality of the car.

2019 Round Up

2019 started with another visit to the NEC in March for the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show. We were blessed with our largest stand yet and managed to find five excellent examples of the Midas marque to fill it.

Midas Owners Club at PCCCRS 2019

Once again we had many visitors including a return visit by Alex Riley of The One Show fame. In 2018 we had learned that Alex was a big fan of the Midas marque and knew the history of the cars. However, we discovered that he had never actually sat in one before and so we gave him the chance to try out Richard Streets’ Convertible for size (Alex is too tall for either the Mk1, or Mk2, without a Bulgin style floor!) So the next step for Alex is to actually drive a Midas.

Alex Riley tries a Midas for size

The next event for the Midas Owners Club was the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh. Held on its traditional May bank holiday weekend, this is usually the biggest gathering of Midas cars each year and 2019 did not disappoint.

Our club area had been moved from its usual location due to the Stoneleigh showground losing a large chunk of land to HS2, but we all found our spot okay and gathered in the tent for our AGM.

This year Roy Forrester’s Decathlon Mk2 took the Best Midas award after Roy had tidied up a few areas since last year.

Roy collects his plaque from Tony Moss

With the National Metro and Mini show having moved to August, our next event was a return to Shepton Mallet for the 2019 Bristol Classic Car Show. This year we had a long narrow stand so we had to park in two by two formation, which is not the best way of displaying cars, but nonetheless we had an enjoyable show capped by Meredith’s Mk2 winning a ‘Highly Commended’ award. Since these awards are voted on by the visiting public (and no Midas owners had voted since Tony had lost the voting slips) this was high praise indeed.

Meredith’s prize winning Mk2

In July we gathered at Alternative Cars’ workshop for the annual open day and barbecue. This year we had a larger turn out with twelve cars arriving under their own steam. Comparing the 2019 line up with that of 2018 and it is notable that this year we had five Mk4s arrive, whereas none made it the previous year.

2020 is the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Mk4 and this will be marked at many of the events.

Early arrivals enjoy tea and coffee

Whilst Midas owners attended both the National Metro and Mini Show at Gaydon in August and the Mini Fair at Stanford Hall in September, there was no official club areas at either event. Hopefully something to be rectified in 2020.

However, this year the club had a special event all of its own: The first Midas customer car was collected from the D & H Fibreglass Techniques factory at the end of August 1978 and to mark this important anniversary in the history of the Midas marque the club organised a gathering at the original factory site in Greenfield, near Oldham.

MOC meeting at Heybottom Mill, Greenfield.
Visiting cars included the original Midas prototype CNC297T, the first production Midas (chassis zero) JEH448V and a Mini Marcos similar to those produced by D & H before they introduced the Midas.

The current owners of the site, Robert Scott Ltd, kindly opened up their car park for our gathering where we were met by interested locals, including a former D & H employee, and a journalist from the local newspaper. After the meeting and photo-shoot we headed up and over the moors (and through a torrential downpour) to the Oil Can Cafe.

MOC members tuck in at the Oil Can Cafe

The next event on the calendar was the Mini Action Day at Castle Combe at the end of September. Usually this event is blessed with excellent weather and whilst the sun did shine brightly on occasion, unfortunately it was between rain showers. This did not deter the club members who turned up and a good day was had by all. The show itself is growing once again, with more and better trade stands and the club had a larger turn out this year.

Justin King takes to the track in his Midas Cortez

The final event of the year was once again a visit to the NEC for the Classic Motor Show. Once again another successful show bringing an end to the events of 2019.

2020 marks the club’s 35th anniversary as well as the 25th anniversary of the Mk4 Midas and we will be kicking off again at the PCCCRS at the NEC in March.