2021 A slow restart, but a restart nonetheless

Coming after the COVID-19 enforced washout of 2020 and early 2021, only a few event organisers were brave enough to put events in 2021.

Two that did were club favourites The Mini Action Day at Castle Combe and the National Kit Car show at Stoneleigh. Both events were smaller and quieter than in previous years, but both proved thoroughly enjoyable for the Midas Owners who ventured out.

Castle Combe restricted entry to car owners and direct guests, but that didn’t stop club members partaking in their favourite activities:

It was a wonder that they could put on a show at Stoneleigh in 2021. The main exhibition hall had been turned in to a COVID vaccination centre and half the parkland was being dug up for HS2. However, the Kit Car community pulled together for a show in August rather than the traditional May.

The Midas Owners Club shared a block with our friend in the Mini Marcos Owners Club:

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