The polls officially closed at midnight last night and the votes from both the Facebook group and the Midas Forum have been counted up.

Category 1. Best Exterior.

First Place with 11 votes on Facebook and 4 votes on the Forum is No 4. Red Mk3 Gold Convertible belonging to Richard Streets.

Second Place went to No8. Red Mk3 Gold Coupe belonging to John Orson with 12 votes on Facebook and 1 on the Forum.


Third Place went to No1. Red Mk2 Coupe belonging to Ralph Woodrow.

Category 2. Best Interior

First Place with 6 votes on Facebook and 1 vote on the Forum was N06. The unfinished White Mk2 Coupe belonging to Ian Hardy – perhaps indicating that the original design is best after all.

Second Place was a draw, both with 6 votes on Facebook, between No8, John Orson and No10, the Blue Cortez of Justin King

Category 3. Best Underbonnet

First Place with 15 votes on Facebook and 6 on the Forum went to No.4 Richard Streets’ Gold Convertible with an incredibly tidy and well presented engine bay.

Second Place with 6 votes on Facebook and 2 on the Forum went to No.7 the BRG Mk2 Decathlon of Roy Forrester.
Third Place with 4 votes on Facebook went to No 10. Justin King’s Blue Cortez.

The judged categories.

After examining the photos closely the judges have decided on the winners. There were no entries in the Most Used category, which was going to be judged on average monthly mileage.

4. Originality – closest to factory intent

First prize goes to Roger Dewsnap’s Black Mk1, now looking much like it did in 1984.

The judges thought that Chris Nicholls’ Black Mk3 Gold Coupe, Ian Hardy’s White Mk2 and Roy Forrester’s BRG Mk2 Decathlon all merited a mention too, for all were very close to original except for one or two minor details.

5. Innovation – best upgrades from original spec.

First prize could only go to Justin King’s Blue Mk4 Cortez with too many upgrades to list – it took CKC two features to write up all the work that Justin has done.

The judges also thought that the improved dashboard on Jon Evans‘ White Mk2 and the re-trimmed interior of Ralph Woodrow‘s Red Mk2, were both very neatly done and worthy upgrades.

6. Most Ambitious Rebuild

Perhaps, we should have set a tighter definition for this category as the judges couldn’t decide between a finished rebuild that was ambitious in respect of working to a tight time constraint and another that has only just started and is ambitious in the amount of work required.

In the end the judges decided to call it a draw between Tim Brack’s plan to totally rebuild his red Mk2

and Sam Dewsnap‘s refurbishment of his father’s Mk1 (see Originality above) , completed in just three months. The work on Roger’s car can be seen on You Tube –

Thank you to everybody who sent in photos of their cars and thank you to everyone who voted. We may not be able to use our cars much at the moment, but at least we can still discuss them.

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