Virtual Stoneleigh 2020 – CONCOURS D’EXTRAORDINAIRE

The first entries have arrived for the Concours event.

1. Red Mk2 Coupe

2. Black Mk3 Gold Coupe

3.White Mk2 Coupe

4. Red Mk3 Gold Convertible

5. White Mk2 Coupe

6. White – Unfinished- Mk2 Coupe

7. BRG Mk2 Bronze Decathlon

8. Red Mk3 Gold Coupe

9. Black Mk1 Coupe

10. Blue Mk4 Cortez

11. White Mk2 Coupe

This car is currently inaccessible due to lockdown restrictions so the owner could only submit some external photos from last year.

12. Red Mk2 Silver Coupe – Rebuild

The final entry is entered in the “Most ambitious rebuild” category only

The names of the owners will be withheld until after the voting so that the competition is decided purely upon the quality of the car.

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